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Inspired Beginnings

Welcome to RAFFINE


Emerging from three generations of furniture design and manufacturing, RAFFINE skillfully marries the exclusivity of high-end designer furniture with a contemporary aesthetic.  

Every RAFFINE piece is meticulously crafted to not only enhance spaces but also to embody a distinct blend of sophistication and style.

Here, every creation is a celebration of artistic design and meticulous attention to detail, leaving a lasting impression in every setting.


“We grew up in the heart of our family business and have seen the evolution of furniture trends over the years. With RAFFINE, we wanted to do something different – to create a brand that not only respects the legacy of high-end furniture, but that is accessible to a more dynamic audience.

Our collection is a careful selection of pieces that reflect the current demands of Australian designers and customers, yet each item has a unique touch, setting it apart in the market.

RAFFINE is about understanding the balance between luxury and practicality – making sure our furniture not only looks great, but fits perfectly into the vibrant, contemporary lifestyles of our clients.

We’re excited to bring this fresh perspective to the Australian furniture scene, offering pieces that resonate with the modern, style-conscious individual.”


- Joseph & Peter

Joseph and Peter